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Mantra Inspired Furniture Logo

Mantra Inspired Furniture

Georgia | Tennessee | North Carolina | South Carolina

Mantra Inspired Furniture is driven by a simple code to propel the design community’s imagination through the creation of sustainable, American made, investment grade furniture. Our designs aim to inspire the user through functional style and modern sensibilities with a commitment as solid as the wood used in every piece we create.

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Lodging Concepts Manufacturing

Lodging Concepts Manufacturer

Georgia | Tennessee | North Carolina | South Carolina

Through our global workforce, LCM maintains an integrated supply chain to add value at every step, from sourcing materials, to conceptualizing design, and even hand placing finishing touches to your guest rooms. By leveraging technology & fostering education, we manufacture hotel furniture for purchasing firms & designers, delivering an unrivaled experience!

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Posh Textiles

Posh Textiles is a sustainable textile manufacturer located in the heart of New York. We fuse a blend of industry expertise with our passion for quality textiles and unique patterns to deliver well-crafted, classic and contemporary designs for hospitality, offices and public spaces.

Having been in business for more than 60 years, we’ve been proudly pioneering textiles since as far back as the 1950s – staying true to our commitment to quality and sustainability initiatives ever since.

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Regina Andrew

Georgia/South Carolina/North Carolina/Tennessee

Real-life couple Carla Regina and James Andrew (AKA Jimi) founded Regina Andrew Detroit with one goal in mind: that everything they do should electrify the room. Based in the “Paris of the Midwest,” their home decor and lighting brand has hit that goal and then some, as they’ve expertly blended form with function and added a hearty dose of rock ‘n’ roll along the way. Their products are globally inspired and designed with natural materials as the star. Alabaster, crystal, and marble offer a timeless aesthetic, while brass and mirrored finishes bring RAD’s signature glamour to the forefront.

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Bluebird Lighting

Georgia/North Carolina/South Carolina

With over 30 years of specialized lighting experience, founder, Jim McMahan and his team bring exceptional skill to each project. Bluebird Lighting provides custom and architectural lighting solutions for hospitality, multifamily, office, retail, mixed-use, healthcare, senior living, and student housing. From grand sweeping hotels to boho chic heirloom restaurants, we approach every project as a unique opportunity to satisfy our customers and retain their business for years to come.

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Bahati Collective

Alabama/Georgia/North Carolina/South Carolina/Tennessee

Bahati Collective was established to create high quality, sustainable contemporary furniture that is an alternative to mass-manufactured products. We are majority female owned and focused on the hospitality and residential markets. We are mindful of reducing our environmental impact as much as possible, partnering with like minded ethical factories and prioritizing the use of sustainable materials and support economic empowerment in the regions where we manufacture.

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Spacia Group

Georgia/North Carolina/South Carolina

Every space is different. And with the right expertise, experience, and original touches, any space can be brought to life— made unique . At Spacia Group, we’re in the business of defining unique spaces. We provide custom (framed) art, art consulting and sourcing, decorative and backlit mirrors, and barn doors to the hospitality, healthcare, and corporate markets.

Explore our products with confidence—not only within yourself but with the company in which you do business. Stride down ‘The Spacia Way’ with us and realize how art, mirrors and barn doors unite; how our mission of honesty and integrity, dignity and respect, continuous improvement, dependable and friendly service, communication and teamwork, and a positive, can-do attitude saturate everything we do.

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Georgia/North Carolina/South Carolina/Tennessee

Welcome to FLOOR THIRTEEN Textiles, your premier destination for Hospitality Decorative Textiles. Elevate your interior spaces with our exquisite range of textiles tailored for hospitality and contract projects.

At Floor 13 Textiles, we specialize in providing top-notch interior textiles and sourcing services to meet the unique requirements of your projects. Whether you prefer to choose from our extensive library of USA stocked fabrics or envision a custom fabric crafted to your exact specifications, we are here to turn your ideas into reality.

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Welcome to Chacko Hospitality Floors, where innovation meets flooring excellence. We are here to serve as your creative partner, committed to a client-focused approach that prioritizes your vision and unique needs. Our client-centric philosophy ensures that your vision takes center stage, and our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that every product we deliver meets the highest standards. Our team is here to support you at every step, from selecting designs to installation, ensuring a smooth project experience.

If you are looking to elevate your space, consider Chacko Hospitality Floors as your creative collaborator. Together, we’ll bring your ideas to life and create remarkable realities.


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